“New Perennial” Design Workshop Part 1: Adventure on Alberta's Boreal Edge

An interactive workshop with basic principles for a “New Perennials” design.

During this workshop participants will:

• know how to choose a location for their perennial bed
• discuss options to prepare beds for planting
• start a basic design layout
• receive a descriptive list of plants recommended for this area

Date: Saturday, March 27
Time: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Location: Lac Ste. Anne County administration office*
Instructors: Maria Beers, Double Dutch Landscape Design & Clara Qualizza, Meadow & Thicket Farm Flowers
Cost: $50/person via e-transfer (please register by March 19)

*As COVID19 restrictions allow. If necessary, workshop rescheduled/refunded.

More Information

For more information and to register for this workshop, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Lorraine 780-203-2968.

Workshop co-hosted by: Double Dutch Landscape Design & Consulting, Meadow & Thicket Farm Flowers, George Pegg Botanic Garden. Sponsored by Lac Ste. Anne County.

We are calling this a “New Perennial” Adventure because the design workshop is part of a bigger project that includes a field day, a second design workshop, establishing a demonstration bed with volunteer opportunities from site preparation to planting, and group plant purchasing. “This is a remarkable opportunity to work with landscape designer Maria Beers in our community” Lorraine Taylor, Horticulturist with Lac Ste. Anne County. “I feel really connected with rural gardeners; I like to support the rural interest.” Maria Beers.  

About Maria: A Dutch landscape designer with a passion for gardening in Alberta. Over 30 years ago my husband and I started a landscape business in the Netherlands. To our surprise our business took off like a rocket. People liked our ideas and we loved creating! We travelled through Europe, visiting famous and not so famous yards to get inspired, we tested newly introduced perennials in our own trial gardens. We designed, installed, and maintained many yards, until we moved to Alberta in 2005.

Now... Alberta’s growing conditions are quite different from the Netherlands! I felt I had to start from scratch. The first few years I learned about Alberta growing in a wide variety of settings in the green industry. I was fortunate to work with many experts. For the last 11 years I have worked for Holes Greenhouses, where I encounter every possible gardening question and situation. It feels like the perfect match, I stay on top of the new trends and developments while still doing what I love most: designing yards.

Designing yards is my passion, using colours, textures, and shapes. What I love most about designing other people’s yards is that every situation is different, with its own challenges, and that it is so personal. Learn more about Maria at www.doubledutchdesign.ca

About Clara: Clara Qualizza is the owner and Chief Soil Tender of Meadow & Thicket Farm Flowers, a small cut flower farm located north of Wildwood in Yellowhead County. She and her husband are new transplants to Yellowhead County, residing and operating their small farm there for only 5 years. Clara’s background is in Soil Science, having worked in reclamation research and contaminated site remediation for about 20 years.

Decades of pent up gardening dreams, volunteer work on agricultural development projects, life-long yearnings to live on and care for a piece of land, and the realization that they were running out of time, finally prompted Clara and Don to make the leap and buy their farm. With a keen interest in growing way more flowers than they ever had in the past and armed with research into the nascent industry of “slow flowers”, they started their small cut flower farming business. Clara sells her flowers at a farmers’ market in the city of Edmonton and through an on-line bouquet subscription. Clara is also the co-host, with another flower farmer from Cold Lake, of a very niche podcast on sustainable flower farming on the Canadian Prairies, the not-so-creatively named “The Sustainable Flowers Podcast”.

Check out Clara on her farm webpage at www.meadowandthicket.ca, where you will also find links to her social media accounts.

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