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Ag Equipment Rental Program Closes Early

The agricultural equipment rental program is closing early this season due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

Annual Clubroot Inspection Completed

September 23, 2020 marked the completion of the annual clubroot inspection conducted by Lac Ste. Anne County.

November MFGA Regenerative Ag Conference

A month-long celebration featuring one keynote speaker per week - all free of charge and live as it happens.

Beaver Mitigation Pilot Conducted

The Putting Beavers to Work for Watershed Resiliency and Restoration initiative conducted a unique beaver repellent pilot project.

Healthy Farmers = Healthy Farms

If you're struggling under the weight of it all, you are not alone. Resources available to regional producers or their loved ones who may be experiencing undue stress.

12 Great Garden Tips for Autumn

Get some great tips for a successful autumn garden routine.

Annual Prairie Crop Cover Survey Underway

Area producers are invited to take a 15-minute survey - even if no crops were grown.

Some Great Provincial Ag Resources

Get ag-focused news, info and other resources courtesy of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

Keep an Eye Out for County Roadside Crews

Please stay alert and exercise caution when encountering tractor mowers near the shoulder of busy County roadways.