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Watch for Unauthorized UL Marks on Fire Extinguishers

Global safety science authority UL has issued a notification that the fire suppression products identified below bear unauthorized UL Certification Marks.

The following fire suppression products have not been evaluated by UL to the appropriate Standards for Safety and it is unknown if they comply with any safety requirements.

Notice 1: Hyprex Rapid Cooling Nano Technology Fire Extinguisher

This product is the Hyprex Rapid Cooling Nano Technology Fire Extinguisher (Model Hyprex 460). It is known to be Distributed by: Omniyo PTE LTD, Omniyo SDN BHD, and other online sellers on e-commerce platforms. This product should be removed from service. UL recommends that users keep a UL-certified fire extinguisher in a readily accessible location to use in the event of a fire.  

Identification on the productsThe unauthorized UL Certification Mark appears on the extinguisher above the barcode.

Notice 2: Fire Extinguisher Balls

Fire extinguishing balls being sold through various retailers bear counterfeit UL Certification Marks or unauthorized references to UL. Fire extinguishing balls are sphere-shaped devices intended to suppress fire through self-activation or by being thrown into an active fire. UL has not evaluated fire extinguishing balls, nor does UL plan to develop requirements to certify fire extinguishing balls.    

Some fire extinguishing ball packaging bears UL file number “EX16029” for Delei Fire Inc. dry chemical agents for fire extinguishers. Delei Fire Inc. does not manufacture fire extinguishing balls and has no affiliation with this type of product. 

Identification on the productsThe unauthorized UL Certification Mark appears in various locations on the packaging.

About UL

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