Emergency Preparedness: Water Damage

After a warm summer in Lac Ste. Anne, it's time to welcome the fall season. Along with fall comes the steps you can take to protect yourself and your home from the elements.

As we move into fall, we say hello to leaves and debris occupying the air and the ground resulting in buildups in our eavestroughs and gutters. Full eavestroughs can cause rain and snowmelt to pool on your roof or seep underneath the roof tiles. In the event that we get a lot of heavy snow this winter, having clogged gutters can result in damage to your foundation and create flooding in your home.

Take the time to clear out your eavestroughs and gutters this season and protect yourself and your home from water damage. You may also consider installing gutter guards to stop debris from entering at all.

For more preparedness content, tools and resources, visit alberta.ca/beprepared.

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