Emergency Preparedness: Tornadoes

In Alberta, tornado season runs from May through September, with the most activity happening right now, between mid-June to August. Tornadoes can be unpredictable, extremely dangerous, and can cause heavy damage to your home and property. To prepare for a tornado, learn how you and your loved ones should respond when the threat is near.

During a tornado:

  • Go to the basement or underground shelter, if available
    Or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room, such as a bathroom or closet.
  • Make sure windows and doors are closed and secured, and stay away from them.
  • Do not try to rescue or shelter livestock unless you feel it is safe to do so.
  • If the threat is near and shelter is not available, get out of your car and take cover in a low-lying area, such as a ditch, but beware of flooding.
  • Never try to outrun a nearby tornado.

Learn more about how you can prepare for a tornado in different situations by visiting Alberta.ca/Tornadoes.

Additionally, watch this 60 second micro video for a brief lesson on staying safe.

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