March 2019

March and the first day of spring finally arrived — and what an exceptionally busy month it has been!

Congratulations to the Rich Valley Community for making it into the final four in the Kraft Hockeyville competition! What an amazing show of support from all of our local communities, athletes, friends, and families. Great have made us all proud!

Our Public Works crews have been out working tirelessly on many of the issues this spring weather brings with it: frozen culverts, flooded roads, and of course winter graveling. Crews started the graveling of County roads on February 22nd and finished on March 15th when the roads became too soft to continue. They were able to complete a fair bit in a short amount of time.

Here is a summary of what Public Works has completed so far:

  • Division One: 6106.98 tonnes and 15.7 miles
  • Division Two: 12471.9 tonnes and 31.9 miles
  • Division Three: 15444.9 tonnes and 40.0 miles
  • Division Four: 14739.6 tonnes and 39.1 miles
  • Division Five: 9863.6 tonnes and 25.6 miles
  • Division Six: zero
  • Division Seven: 385.3 tonnes and 1 mile

Once the road conditions firm up, we will proceed with the remainder of our winter graveling program. Remember that the road bans are in effect and there are some areas of the County right now with roads barricaded or closed due to washout conditions. Be safe everyone, and drive for the conditions.

This month also brings along the annual Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA) Spring 2019 Convention & Trade Show which took place from March 18 - 20 at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Our Council members and delegates from member municipalities around Alberta joined together to hear speakers, participate in breakout sessions and vote on the resolutions that guide RMA’s advocacy efforts. Time well spent.

Have you filled out our survey yet? Lac Ste. Anne County and area residents were mailed an informative postcard asking for participation in completing a Needs Assessment Survey to help us better understand the social needs of the area’s residents. The information collected during this survey will be considered when making decisions concerning the needs of our residents.

We’d love to hear back from as many residents as possible, so please Click Here to fill out the survey. If you cannot complete the survey on a computer, hard copies of the questionnaire will also be available at the following locations: Lac Ste. Anne County Administration Office, Village of Alberta Beach Office, Onoway Town Office, Mayerthorpe Town Office or any one of the local libraries.

On Saturday March 23rd, 2019 in Onoway, Council held a Special Meeting for a Public Hearing to discuss the Land Use Bylaw 22-2017 to replace amended Land Use Bylaw #24-2014. Many residents came out to discuss various topics like:

  • Recreational vehicles – allowed on some lots where no residence exists in some locations and prohibits RVs in other locations,
  • Rezoning residential parcels 3 to 10 acres in size outside of subdivision
  • Allowing garages prior to principal residence: garage as principal use in the multiple districts
  • Caretaker residence must be accessory to industrial use
  • Municipal infrastructure as principal use on some properties

It was great to have so many attend and to receive feedback regarding these projected changes.

Thank you for taking the time and providing your input.

And finally, we will end this month with a reminder that one of the awareness initiatives that Lac Ste. Anne County Council and staff committed to is the Daffodil Sales Cancer Fundraiser. We will once again be raising money for cancer research through sales of daffodils on April 3. Daffodils will be available at the Lac Ste. Anne County Administration Office beginning Wednesday, April 3 (until sold out) at a cost of $2.00 per stem. A tax receipt will be provided for donations over $20.00. Come on out and show your support to a cause that affects us all.

February 2019

We haven't been this cold in 21 YEARS if we use -20°C as the mark. The last time we have gone longer with temps falling below -20°C daily was Jan 1-15,1998! I would like to extend a huge Thank You on behalf of Council to all our Public Works Operators that were out working in the extreme temperatures to make our roads safe. You all did an excellent job despite the extreme cold, thank you.

November 2018

November has been a month of Remembrance, and support for some very worthwhile causes around Lac Ste. Anne County. At the November 8th, regular County Council meeting Council and Staff paused for a moment of silence to remember and reflect on the brave men and women that lost their lives and those who continue to risk their lives for the freedoms that we all share. We Thank you for your service.

January 2019

The 2019 New Year is off to a busy and exciting start here in Lac Ste. Anne County. How is this for exciting news? In late December, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released a report which examined 182 municipalities in Alberta, with a focus on the province’s most populated regions. Lac Ste. Anne County was among the top 20 of Alberta’s best performing municipalities (with populations of 1,000 or larger). The report showed that from 2006 to 2016, the vast majority of Alberta municipalities grew operating spending well above the sustainable benchmark of inflation and population growth. Lac Ste. Anne County was one of only 19 municipalities that have kept real operating spending increases at or below population growth. This recognition is something that we should all be proud of and reinforce that we are on the right track. Keep up the great work!

September 2018

Fall has officially arrived, but it feels like old man Winter has beaten him to it. The accumulation of snow has made it anything but favorable for the farmers across the province. We are hoping that the sunshine and milder temperatures will help farmers get their crops off the fields and better prepare for the winter ahead.

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