September 2019

The month of August has whipped on by leaving most people asking if summer was ever really here? With the unseasonably low temperatures, and above-average rainfalls our County has been left in a devastating agricultural disaster. Not to mention the damage and devastation that has taken place on our roads and infrastructure. We want all of those that are facing the challenges of this devastating season to know that there are resources available to regional producers, or their loved ones, who may be experiencing undue stress. Reach out and talk to your friends and neighbours, lend an ear or a helping hand if you can. We all need to be aware of the struggles that a lot of our friends are facing.

Aerial Flood Survey

On Thursday, August 1, Lac Ste. Anne County chartered a helicopter service to assess the scale of flood damage and better understand its contributing factors. During two flights conducted over five hours, representatives from the County’s Agricultural Services and Fire Services departments surveyed affected farmland, lakefront properties and County infrastructure. Additionally, the Sturgeon River, the Pembina River and the Paddle Dam Reservoir and river system were studied.

Of important note to ratepayers and surrounding municipal neighbours: it was determined that neither beaver dams nor the Alberta Environment-managed weir at the mouth of Sturgeon River are contributors as had been speculated. There is simply an overabundance of water due to excessive rainfall, resulting in higher-than-average water table levels and overland flooding events. This is the third consecutive year that the County has experienced an unprecedented amount of rainfall resulting in extensive flooding — including in areas where flooding has not historically been an issue.

We ask the ratepayers can show understanding and patience as our Public Works crews are out working on the damaged roads trying to get them back into shape. There has just been too much moisture to get out and fix all of the issues, but I can assure you that we will have our crews doing whatever they need to do and put in the overtime to get things back in shape, weather permitting.

School Bus Safety

The end of August also brings along the exciting time of year for our little ones as they return back to school. This means that school buses will be back out on the roads, and we ask for everyone to pay attention and be safe. Know that our Enforcement Officers will be out in full force watching for any traffic violations, and there will be a zero-tolerance approach to anyone passing a school bus when the stop signs are out! Look out for each other, let’s do our part to keep everyone safe and sound as the new school year begins.

In closing, Council and Administration would like to take this opportunity to welcome all of the of new faces to our County office! We wish nothing but the best to all of the previous staff that have moved onto new opportunities and welcome those that have filled their positions. We look forward to working with you all.

June 2019

As Luke Bryan sings in the song "Rain is a Good Thing", we must remember when it feels like we are going to grow webbed feet - not only does rain make corn and corn make whiskey - it also waters the earth, refills streams, rivers, and our lakes, most importantly it prevents the wildfires like the ones that Northern Alberta is currently facing. Our thoughts go out to all the men and women currently working day and night to keep the fires at bay. On that note, on behalf of County Council, I would like to congratulate our very own Fire Chief Randy Schroeder on his recent appointment as President of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA). Thank you for your service to all Albertans, we appreciate your dedication to the fire industry.

March 2019

March and the first day of spring finally arrived — and what an exceptionally busy month it has been!

Congratulations to the Rich Valley Community for making it into the final four in the Kraft Hockeyville competition! What an amazing show of support from all of our local communities, athletes, friends, and families. Great have made us all proud!

Our Public Works crews have been out working tirelessly on many of the issues this spring weather brings with it: frozen culverts, flooded roads, and of course winter graveling. Crews started the graveling of County roads on February 22nd and finished on March 15th when the roads became too soft to continue. They were able to complete a fair bit in a short amount of time.

May 2019

The month of May is here, and Summer is on its way! I hope that everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend, doing what you love to do with friends and family. Whether it was camping in one of our many beautiful campgrounds that are now open, spending time out on the lake, or just gathered around a kitchen table,


February 2019

We haven't been this cold in 21 YEARS if we use -20°C as the mark. The last time we have gone longer with temps falling below -20°C daily was Jan 1-15,1998! I would like to extend a huge Thank You on behalf of Council to all our Public Works Operators that were out working in the extreme temperatures to make our roads safe. You all did an excellent job despite the extreme cold, thank you.

About the County

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