May 2019

The month of May is here, and Summer is on its way! I hope that everyone had a chance to get out and enjoy the Victoria Day long weekend, doing what you love to do with friends and family. Whether it was camping in one of our many beautiful campgrounds that are now open, spending time out on the lake, or just gathered around a kitchen table, I hope you were able to make some happy memories. As many of you know this last month was a very sad one here in Lac Ste. Anne County. It was with heavy hearts, that Lac Ste. Anne County and Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Services sadly announced the sudden and tragic passing of active Firefighter Joshua Pare-White on April 26, 2019. A funeral service was held in memory of Joshua Pare-White on Monday, May 6, 2019. We are ever-grateful for Firefighter Pare-White’s dedication and Service to the Lac Ste. Anne County community. May he rest in peace.

Things have been very busy around the County office as Council and Staff have been hosting the Grade Six students from Onoway, Mayerthorpe, Alberta Beach, Rich Valley, Darwell, and Sangudo schools. They have had the chance to engage and learn about local government. Many laughs have been shared as we engage in mock Council Meetings with the students voting on items like "Should we build a Tim Horton's in Darwell or Sangudo?" or "Should we build a new Library?". Needless to say, they are getting a hands-on understanding of how local government processes work. Not to mention, the students gained first-hand knowledge from department representatives on horticulture, land use, mapping, road maintenance and more before breaking for a BBQ lunch provided by the staff. We have thoroughly enjoyed sharing our days with the students and wish them nothing but the best in the future.

As a reminder, with continued dry and windy conditions the Fire Hazard Rating for Lac Ste. Anne County is high. We ask that you use common sense and adhere to the advisories when posted. Please report any wildfire to 9-1-1 with the exact location to assist Lac Ste. Anne County Fire Personnel in locating and extinguishing these fires in a timely fashion. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Additional information may be found at

The Animal Control Services has been exceptionally busy with the uncharacteristically large volume of beavers in the County this season. We would like to remind the public that our number one priority in the control of these animals is to focus on infrastructure and fields yielding crops.

And finally, in honour of the past, present and future contributions of the seniors of this community and throughout the Province of Alberta, Lac Ste. Anne County Council hereby declares June 2 - 8 2019 as Seniors Week in Lac Ste. Anne County. To celebrate, the 2019 Seniors’ Tea will be hosted at the Lessard Lake Outdoor Education Centre on Thursday, June 6, 2019, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm. A light lunch, including dessert and refreshments, will be available so please join us for some entertainment and a fun afternoon. Until next month, remember "The smallest good deed is better than the grandest good intention." -Duguet

March 2019

March and the first day of spring finally arrived — and what an exceptionally busy month it has been!

Congratulations to the Rich Valley Community for making it into the final four in the Kraft Hockeyville competition! What an amazing show of support from all of our local communities, athletes, friends, and families. Great have made us all proud!

Our Public Works crews have been out working tirelessly on many of the issues this spring weather brings with it: frozen culverts, flooded roads, and of course winter graveling. Crews started the graveling of County roads on February 22nd and finished on March 15th when the roads became too soft to continue. They were able to complete a fair bit in a short amount of time.

January 2019

The 2019 New Year is off to a busy and exciting start here in Lac Ste. Anne County. How is this for exciting news? In late December, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) released a report which examined 182 municipalities in Alberta, with a focus on the province’s most populated regions. Lac Ste. Anne County was among the top 20 of Alberta’s best performing municipalities (with populations of 1,000 or larger). The report showed that from 2006 to 2016, the vast majority of Alberta municipalities grew operating spending well above the sustainable benchmark of inflation and population growth. Lac Ste. Anne County was one of only 19 municipalities that have kept real operating spending increases at or below population growth. This recognition is something that we should all be proud of and reinforce that we are on the right track. Keep up the great work!

February 2019

We haven't been this cold in 21 YEARS if we use -20°C as the mark. The last time we have gone longer with temps falling below -20°C daily was Jan 1-15,1998! I would like to extend a huge Thank You on behalf of Council to all our Public Works Operators that were out working in the extreme temperatures to make our roads safe. You all did an excellent job despite the extreme cold, thank you.

November 2018

November has been a month of Remembrance, and support for some very worthwhile causes around Lac Ste. Anne County. At the November 8th, regular County Council meeting Council and Staff paused for a moment of silence to remember and reflect on the brave men and women that lost their lives and those who continue to risk their lives for the freedoms that we all share. We Thank you for your service.

About the County

Lac Ste. Anne County is a governing body in central Alberta, Canada. Its administrative office is located at 56521, Range Road 65, Lac Ste. Anne County, near the Hamlet of Sangudo — about an hour's drive west of Edmonton. Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County's namesake comes from its largest and most historically significant body of water, Lac Ste. Anne. // MORE

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