Council Session Highlights

Mar 29, 2018

Draft 2018-2020 Operating and 2018-2027 Capital Budget Presented

Following the strategic planning meetings held earlier this year Administration has developed the Draft 2018-2020 Operating and 2018-2027 Capital Budget. The draft was presented to Council based on the strategic direction received from Council and the operational requirements of the organization. The reports were presented to allow Council time to review them in advance of the budget sessions scheduled for early April. The 2018 Tax Rate Bylaw, which establishes the tax rates for the year was also presented to Council for first reading. The bylaw presented is not the final bylaw, but is paired with the draft operating budget, once Council reviews and approves the budget a revised tax rate bylaw will be brought back for second and third readings at the rates approved by Council to fund the 2018 budget.

Darwell Bulk Water Fill Station Upgrades Approved

Lac Ste. Anne County Agriculture Services department has received several phone calls regarding the loading configuration at the Darwell Bulk Water Fill Station. It has been suggested that the current configuration of a single overhead loading point is not suitable for many of the ratepayers utilizing this facility. The overhead loading point makes loading into small containment difficult and dangerous, as users are having to climb onto their tank to guide the overhead hose into the fill point. In addition to these concerns, the inability of some users to adequately guide the fill point into their containment tank has caused significant overflow. The overflow has created a mound of ice at the fill location from the wasted water, not only adding to the safety concerns but utilizing the limited water volume available under Lac Ste. Anne County’s license. As this issue poses a significant safety concern, County Council has approved the inclusion of $5,000.00 in the operating budget for upgrades to the Darwell Bulk Water Fill Station.

New Stop Sign to be Installed at the Intersection of TWP RD 563A and RNG RD 13 (ESE 21-56-01 W5M) for Eastbound Traffic

TWP RD 563A provides access for residents west of Range Road 13. Subsequent to discussion with operators in the area, it is felt that there are significant safety issues warranting the installation of a stop sign. There is a hill located north of the intersection (Barrhead County) which causes a dangerous situation when residents come east to the intersection of Range Road 13. It is felt that because of this danger, a yield sign is not sufficient and therefore a stop sign will be installed.

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