Lake Isle Herbicide Application


The Government of Alberta's Aquatic Invasive Species Program will be applying a registered herbicide to control flowering rush within a portion of Lake Isle. Important information regarding this program is available in this article, and in the Reference Library section of this website.



Lake Isle Public Notice 2018

Rush Treatment Map

Flowering Rush Quick Facts

  • Flowering rush is a perennial aquatic plant native to Africa, Asia, and Europe and was likely introduced to North America as an ornamental plant.
  • Flowering rush stems are erect and triangular, leaves are sword-shaped and twisted toward the tip, and there are 20-50 pink to white flowers in umbrella shaped clusters.
  • It is able to reproduce both by seed and through rhizome (root) fragments, bulbils formed on the rhizomes, and bulbils formed on the inflorescence (flowers).
  • Flowering rush infestations can displace native vegetation and alter water quality, reducing habitat for fish, wildlife, and native plants.
  • Dense stands in irrigation ditches, canals, or stormwater management ponds can disrupt the flow of water, the availability of water, and increase sedimentation.
  • Flowering rush can also impacts recreational use in lakes and flowing waters by interfering with boat propellers and limiting access to waterbodies for swimming, boating, and recreating.
  • Control of flowering rush can be difficult, especially once well established. Methods for control or eradication by trained personnel include: careful hand digging and benthic barriers for isolated or small populations, mechanical cutting, and chemical treatment.
  • Care must be taken with hand digging and cutting to ensure all plant fragments are removed and disposed of. Fragments can drift with water movement and result in new infestations.
  • Flowering rush has already been found in lakes, rivers, creeks, irrigation canals and stormwater ponds in Alberta.


Please review the flowering rush documents in the Agricultural Services Reference Library of this website for further information.

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