Discover Lac Ste. Anne County

Welcome to the Land of Endless Adventure

Located just an hour northwest of Edmonton, via Highway 43, Lac Ste. Anne County is a vibrant and progressive collection of rural communities in the heart of Alberta. Its namesake comes from its largest and famous body of water, Lac Ste. Anne.

The County is a place of real people and really great places to explore. A uniquely special place in which to live, work and play. A place of expansive wooden trestle bridges, abundant history and amazing new memories just waiting to happen.

Lose Yourself and Find your Bearings

Our enchanting and expansive County is a year-round paradise for travelers in search of something truly memorable. Go for a gorgeous hike along the Pembina River. Acquire a work of art in one of our many eclectic gift shops. Get your golf game on. Be blessed by the healing waters of Lac Ste. Anne. And when your day of adventure ends, decompress in one of our many quaint and cozy dining spots.

Looking for a near-perfect family vacation destination that’s not far from home? Look no further than Lac Ste. Anne County — a very special place in the heart of Alberta where unspoiled adventure awaits.

Tourism Map




Alberta Beach Area
Alberta Beach Hotel 780.924.3005
Bing's Beachside Resort 780.924.3455
Lac Ste. Anne County Area 
Homer’s Hut Campground & RV Park 780.924.2244
Riverside Motel 780.785.3738
Sangudo Hotel 780.785.3264
Mayerthorpe Area  
Haven Inn Motel 780.786.2231
Mayerthorpe Hub Hotel 780.786.2688
Where Paths Cross B&B 780.786.4972
Onoway Area 
Star Inn Motel 780.967.2228


Alberta Beach Agriplex Outdoor Arena
Darwell Agriplex Outdoor Arena  
Mayerthorpe Arena  
Onoway Arena  
Rich Valley Arena  
Sangudo Arena  


Alberta Beach Area
Alberta Beach Farmers' Market 780.555.1212
Alberta Beach Music Fest  
Boat Launch  
Polynesian Days 780.991.9595
SnoMo Days  780.924.3181
Lac Ste. Anne County Area  
Barnburner Music Fest  780.892.3305
Calamity Critters Petting Zoo  
Camp Warwa 780.892.3648
Darwell Ag Drag  
Darwell Annual Fair  
Darwell Farmers' Market  
Devils Lake MX Track  
George Pegg Botanic Garden 780.203.0331
Historical Society Heritage Days  
Lac Ste. Anne Mission  
Lessard Lake Outdoor Education Centre  
Numb Bum 24  
Paddle River Dam & Lookout 780.785.3411
Sangudo Skateboard Park  
Sangudo Speedway 587.521.6360
Sangudo Sundial-Elevator  
Sangudo Tractor Pulls  
Saumer Time Alpaca Ranch 780.967.2689
Stanger Hills Staging Area  
Mayerthorpe Area  
Country Elevator 780.786.4990
Fallen Four Memorial Park 780.786.4990
Hog Wild Specialties 780.786.4627
Mayerthorpe Agricultural Fair  
Rochfort Bridge Heritage Days  
Rochfort Bridge Trestle & Museum  
Onoway Area 
Elk's Park  
Fish & Game Gun Range  
Onoway Farmers' Market 780.667.6327
Onoway Heritage Days  
Historical Society Threshing Bee 780.967.1015
Ruth Cust Park  
Salter's Lake  


Alberta Beach RV Park & Campground 780.924.2333
Alberta Beach Golf Resort & RV Park 780.924.2421
Camp Nakamun   780.967.5585
Eagles Rest RV Park  
Gunn Campground & RV Park 780.221.8306
Gone Fish In 780.924.2253
Imrie Park Campground   780.405.6176
Kacikewin RV Campground & Cabins 780.924.3018
Kildeer Beach RV Resort 780.967.5672
Lakeview Campground 780.490.8193
Lessard Lake Public Campground  780.284.3643
Majeau Lake RV Park 780.699.3326
Mayerthorpe Golf & Country Club 780.786.4734
Memory Lane Campground 780.995.5555
Nakamun Store & RV 780.967.2151
Paddle River Dam Campground 780.284.1753
Rich Valley RV Resort & Golf Course 780.914.4916
Sangudo Riverside Campground 780.284.1985
Snuggler's Cove  
The Ranch RV Park  780.294.9593
Willowbend Resort 780.967.5529


Alberta Beach Area
Alberta Beach Active 50 Plus Club 780.924.3636
Beachwave Park  
Lac Ste. Anne County Area  
Cherhill Community Hall  780.785.2907
Cherhill Legion Hall 780.785.2138
Coyote Hall 780.785.2979
Darwell Community Hall 780.721.2690
Darwell Golden Age Hall 780.892.2457
Deer Lodge hall 780.785.2560
Glenevis Community Hall 780.785.3113
Greencourt Community Hall 780.786.4678
Gunn Community Hall 780.967.2215
Hathersage Hall 780.786.2946
Lake Isle Hall  780.892.3121
Rich Valley Community Hall 780.967.3525
Romeo Peavine Hall 780.785.2700
Stanger Community Hall 780.785.2332
Stettin Nakamun Hall 780.967.2634
Sangudo Community Hall 780.785.2331
Sangudo Golden Club 780.785.3373
Mayerthorpe Area  
Diamond Centre Community Hall 780.786.2664
Royal Canadian Legion Hall 780.786.2470
Onoway Area  
Onoway Community Hall  780.967.4749
Onoway Heritage Centre 780.967.1015
Onoway Royal Canadian Legion 780.967.5361


Alberta Beach Golf Resort 780.924.2421
Mayerthorpe Golf & Country Club 780.786.4737
Rich Valley Golf Course  780.964.8916
Silver Sands Golf Resort 780.797.2683


Alberta Beach Museum 780.924.3005
Lac Ste. Anne Historical Society Pioneer Museum 780.924.3455
Onoway Museum  780.967.1015
Selmar Lamp Museum & Antiques 780.785.2491


Alberta Beach Area
Beachwave Park  780.555.1212
Gazebo Park  
Lion's Park  
Main Beach Park  
Lac Ste. Anne County Area 
Range Road 52  
Lake Isle  
Mayerthorpe Area 
Ellis Granley Park  
Fallen Four Memorial Park 780.786.4990
Northside Park  


Alberta Beach Area
Dianne's Tri-Village Pizza 780.555.1212
Jungle Bar & Grill 780.924.2242
Mama's in the Kitchen  780.924.2468
The Beachside Eatery & Suites 780.924.3455
Tri-Village Pizza 780.924.3132
Lac Ste. Anne County Area 
Connections Coffeehouse  780.785.3494
Darwell Trading Post & Saloon 780.892.2461
Gunn General Store & Restaurant 780.967.5550
Homer's Hut Coffee & Gift Shop 780.924.2244
Rochfort Bridge Trading Post 780.785.3467
Sandy's Beach Restaurant 780.967.9197
Sing's Family Restaurant 780.785.3355
Mayerthorpe Area 
Burger Baron 780.786.2411
Lariat Restaurant 780.786.2177
Star Kitchen 780.786.4870
Onoway Area 
Bakin Pizza & Pasta  780.967.9109
Burger Baron 780.967.4488
Davlyn's Restaurant 780.967.4981
Jade Garden Restaurant 780.967.2288
O How Sweet it is Cafe & Bakery 780.266.5561
The Little Cookie & Cake Co. 780.967.0683


Alberta Beach Campground
Lessard Lake Public Campground 780.284.3643
Mayerthorpe Golf Course 780.786.4737
Onoway Ruth Cust Park  
Paddle River Dam Campground 780.284.1753
Sangudo Riverside Campground  780.284.1985


Lac Ste. Anne County Area 
Rochfort Bridge Trading Post  780.785.3467
Mayerthorpe Area 
A&M Enterprises Bookstore  780.786.4898
Kountry Krafts  780.786.0111
Petals Plus Florists  780.786.2535
Stone Counrty Hobby & Home  780.786.4050
Visitor Information Centre  780.786.4990
Onoway Area 
Dosie Dotes & Greens Gifts  780.967.5330
Wendy's Neats & Treats  780.967.0351


Mayerthorpe Public Library 780.786.2404
Sangudo Public Library 780.785.3431
Darwell Public Library  780.892.3746
Rich Valley Public Library 780.967.3525
Onoway Public Library 780.967.2445
Alberta Beach Municipal Library 780.924.3491

Key County Attractions

Amazing Activities Abound Within our Borders

You may already be familiar with Lac Ste. Anne — home of the healing waters. Or perhaps you’ve heard of our extreme 24-hour motorcycle ice race on studded tires. No matter your appetite or adrenaline level, rest assured: something special is always happening here.

Looking for a near-perfect family vacation destination that’s not far from home? Look no further than Lac Ste. Anne County. A special place in the heart of Alberta where adventure awaits.


Taking to the great outdoors with a tent or trailer in tow is a quintessential summer tradition for visitors and locals alike. From tenting by the trails to full-service campsites on the shoreline, Lac Ste. Anne County provides an abundance of exceptional camping destinations for outdoor enthusiasts of every stripe. Choose from a number of great lakefront lots with front-row views of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ll ever see. More intrepid explorers might opt for a campsite close to one of the many trail systems that wind throughout the County. Regardless of how you choose to immerse yourself in our great outdoors, Lac Ste. Anne County is certain to leave you feeling as fresh as our country air, and longing to explore even more of our remarkable region.


Pit your handicap against our often challenging, always breathtaking fairways. Rustling aspen woods, sparkling blue lakes and endless rolling hills provide a truly stunning backdrop for a memorable day on one of the courses within Lac Ste. Anne County. Many of the local golf resorts offer a variety of seasonal RV camping or play and stay options, so throw your clubs in the trailer and plan to spend a week with the family. Treat yourself to something special in the pro shops, drink and dine at one of the club eateries, and thoroughly enjoy one of Canada’s hidden golfing gems. This season, tee off at some of the finest holes you’ll ever play.

Recreational Pursuits

From the meandering curves of the Pembina River to the storied Lac Ste. Anne itself, waterborne activities abound. A dozen boat launches cater to larger craft, while our many canoeing, kayaking and river tubing opportunities entice the more casual boating crowd.

Off-roading and motorsports adrenaline draws locals and visitors alike with prime ATV courses near Stanger and Devils Lake, plus the always exciting Sangudo Speedway races. And when the mercury drops, the fun certainly doesn’t stop. Events such as SnoMo Days and Numb Bum are avidly anticipated winter spectacles. Any way you choose to enjoy your stay, Lac Ste. Anne County provides ample doses of year-round enjoyment.

Download the 2017 Tourism Guide

iPad Activity Report 2016The 2017 Lac Ste. Anne County tourism guide is hot off the press! Grab one from the County Administration Office or view it here.


About the County

Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada. It is located in Census Division 13, roughly 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton. The County's administrative office is located at 56521 Range Road 65. Its namesake comes from its largest body of water, Lac Ste. Anne.

Contact Information

  Box 219, Sangudo AB T0E 2A0
 lsac (@)
 (780) 785-3411
 (780) 785-2359