Council Session Highlights

Apr 12, 2018

Auditor Presents 2017 Financial Statements

Curtis Friesen an Auditor with Metrix Group, LLP (formally Hawkings Epp Dumont) was in attendance April 12th to present the financial statements and results from the annual audit. After reviewing that the County finances had received another clean audit opinion Mr. Friesen explained to Council “When you stand back and look at the whole picture, the County financial picture is good, as you’ll see in my report with the financial statements.” When questioned in the discussion of the report about the amount of debt held by the County, Mr. Friesen responded: “LSAC is certainly in a good position debt-wise, with regard to County debt, the majority is scheduled for repayment by 2022.” The complete financial statements and audit have been posted in the Finance section of the County website.

Streetlights Changing to LED

The vast majority of public streetlights in Lac Ste. Anne County are owned and operated by Fortis Alberta. Nicky Smith from Fortis Alberta attended the April 12th meeting to review their plan to implement LED technology to support dark sky and energy efficiency goals. Fortis Alberta will be conducting various forms of advertising when converting streetlights in your area. Fortis Alberta shared an information and frequently asked questions document with Council, which is available for free on the Fortis Website.

2018 Operating and Capital Budgets Approval Postponed to April 26

The final budget presentation prepared, based on the changes made to the budget by Council at budget sessions earlier this month, was presented for approval. However, as drafts of the final budget presentation were not available until the day of the Council meeting, Council elected to defer approval of the budget until the next regular Council meeting. This will give Council additional time to further review the final document. Detailed draft reports are available on here. Once approved the final budget report will also be posted in the Finance section of the County website.

2018 Special Recreation Services Tax

In 2014, Council implemented a Special Recreation Tax with the intended purpose of providing financial assistance to community organizations who operate facilities and/or deliver community programming in the areas of recreation, culture and social activity. On April 12th, Council passed Bylaw #1-2018 to again establish a Special Recreation Tax in the amount of $50 per residential property for recreation. 100% of the funding received through this special tax is returned to the community in the form of grants to organizations. $285,000 is estimated to be collected through this tax in 2018. Council appreciates the dedication and efforts of our communities and our volunteers who commit countless hours to ensure facilities, programs and services are available to our ratepayers!

Please note that the highlights presented here are for information only, and that Council Minutes are the official and authoritative record of the decisions of Council. The Council Minutes are posted to the Agendas & Minutes Section of the County website following a motion to accept the minutes at the following Council Meeting; a process that takes approximately two weeks.

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