Council Session Highlights

Feb 08, 2018

Offer to Purchase Old Vacant Office Accepted

At the February 8th meeting, pursuant to the MGA, s 197(2), County Council closed the meeting to the public, in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, s 16, the revelation of third-party business information supplied in confidence. The meeting was closed to discuss two offers to purchase the vacant old County Administration building located in Sangudo, Alberta. Upon return to open session, County Council made a motion that they had reviewed the assessment information provided by the accredited County Assessor and discussed the two offers received, and based upon legal opinion regarding the conditions of sale, accepted one of the offers. The purchase means that County residents will no longer be paying the annual building maintenance costs estimated to be in excess of $18,000.00 for the building or have to finance the significant cost of demolishing a building in that condition.

Planning & Development Fees Reviewed

Planning and development fees are reviewed every two years to ensure that the fees and the rates charged align with needs of the County and the intentions of Council. Council has approved a bylaw that included several fee changes, including five rate reductions, and a number of new fees. The bylaw, #32-2017 – Fees for Planning and Develop is posted in the  Bylaws & Policies section of the County website.

Rates Maintained on Contracted Gravel Haul

In 2017, Lac Ste. Anne County graveled 460 kilometers of roads as part of our winter graveling program. In order to ensure that this program and other road projects are completed on time, the County engages a fleet of local contracted gravel haulers to supplement County resources. Council met with representatives of the local contracted gravel haulers at the February 8th County Council Meeting to discuss rates paid to participants in this program. Understanding the need to begin the program and hearing the concerns brought forward Council elected to maintain the rates for 2018, and committed to a collaborative review of the rates with Council the Contractors and Administration. Information on the 2018 winter graveling program can be found in the Public Works section of the County website.

LSAC to Continue as Host for Community Adult Learning Program

The County will continue in the role of hosting authority for the Community Adult Learning Councils’ grant. The grant that supports the Whitecourt/Lac Ste. Anne Adult Learning program. The program serves the communities of Whitecourt, Lac Ste. Anne County, Mayerthorpe, Onoway, Alberta Beach and a portion of Woodlands County (Anselmo & Blue Ridge). For more information about Whitecourt/Lac Ste. Anne Adult Learning, visit their website at

Please note that the highlights presented here are for information only, and that Council Minutes are the official and authoritative record of the decisions of Council. The Council Minutes are posted to the Agendas & Minutes Section of the County website following a motion to accept the minutes at the following Council Meeting; a process that takes approximately two weeks.

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Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada. It is located in Census Division 13, roughly 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton. The County's administrative office is located at 56521 Range Road 65. Its namesake comes from its largest body of water, Lac Ste. Anne.

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