Recycling Awareness


Your help is needed!

Please help us maintain an efficient recycling program by following these procedures: Keep recyclable items clean and free of contamination.


Your help is needed to keep your recyclables free of contamination. Unclean and non-accepted materials that are mixed with your recyclables can cause entire loads to end up as garbage and an added expense to taxpayers for the costs of sorting. Please follow the these preparation guidelines to ensure that your recyclables have the best opportunity to become new products.


Paper: Includes colored paper, white bond, newspaper, magazines and catalogues

Cardboard: Board box (e.g. cereal boxes & shoe boxes) and corrugated cardboard boxes

Metal: Tin cans, aerosol cans, metal lids

Clear Glass: Household jars, bottles and window glass

Plastics: soft drink bottles, detergent & cleaner containers, food trays, milk, water and juice jugs, oil & antifreeze jugs, personal care bottles, shrink-wrap, blister packs, cooking & vegetable oil bottles, salad dressing bottles, bread bags, garbage bags, cereal box liners, snap wraps & bags, plastic cutlery, foam plates, egg cartons & so forth

For the recycling process to work, source separation is absolutely essential.

***Please note all recyclable material must be clean and free of food residue.***

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