County Seeks ASB Members

Lac Ste. Anne County's Agricultural Service Board functions as the voice of regional agriculture by advising on and responding to agricultural matters of local, provincial, and national interest. The Agricultural Service Board is presently accepting applications for members at large. The ASB membership will consist of three (3) members of Council and five (5) members-at-large for a total of eight voting members. It is proposed that members-at-large will be appointed for a three (3) year term.

All members must be residents of, or own property within, Lac Ste. Anne County throughout the duration of their appointment. Meetings will be scheduled, at a minimum of six times per year, with additional meetings as issues dictate.

Administration Support

The Agricultural Services Manager will be responsible to provide administrative assistance to the Board. The Agricultural Services Department staff will implement the agricultural policies and programs and manage the agricultural resources of the municipality. The Agricultural Fieldman will act as a designated officer of the municipality in carrying out the functions, duties and powers of the County under any act relating to agriculture.

Member Responsibilities

The membership will primarily be responsible to:

  • Follow and comply with the Act;
  • Assist and advise Council on issues referred to the Board by Council;
  • Review, evaluate, develop and prioritize projects at Council’s request;
  • Submit recommended policies and policy revisions for matters within its mandate to Council for consideration;
  • Present a summary of its activities for the preceding year to Council in a form acceptable to Council containing the information required by Council, and;
  • Perform such other tasks and duties as directed by Council from time to time.

Members shall receive remuneration and expenses as per Policy #147 – Per Diem (Council, Boards & Committees) and Policy #245-2 – Travel Expenses.

The Agricultural Services Manager/Fieldman has the administrative responsibility for the ASB and, as such, is responsible for the implementation of the agricultural policies and programs, the management of the agricultural resources of the municipality, and preparation of ASB agendas and minutes of meetings.

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Choose from the Following Agricultural Services

Rental Equipment

Lac Ste. Anne County offers numerous pieces of agricultural equipment and products for rent, from pest traps to pasture sprayers and much more.

Weed & Pest Control

Lac Ste. Anne County implements a spectrum of integrated pest management systems to control and eradicate noxious and prohibited noxious weeds.

Reference Library

Explore the County's frequently updated informational resource for farming, ranching and all things agriculture.

Agricultural Services Board

The County aims to maintain healthy populations of wildlife while controlling those species known to cause disturbance for residents.

About the County

Founded in 1944, Lac Ste. Anne County is a municipal district in central Alberta, Canada. It is located in Census Division 13, roughly 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton. The County's administrative office is located in the Hamlet of Sangudo. Its namesake comes from its largest body of water, Lac Ste. Anne.

Contact Information

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